Bodysuit Shapewear

Tightening corset for weight loss will perfectly correct your waist and remove extra centimeters in the abdominal area!


The corset will help you create the perfect shape. It normalizes blood circulation in the abdominal cavity and restores the elasticity of the abdominal muscles. It is extremely necessary for girls after pregnancy, when they want to regain their former parameters.

Sauna belt

In addition to a trimmer figure, you will notice that you have gained a more attractive postureWe cannot fail to mention the effect of the sauna. It stimulates sweating, which leads to getting rid of toxins and eliminating excess volume in the abdomen and waist area.


Material: polyester, spandex

Gender: for women

Features: Moisture absorbing, breathable, quick drying

High compression level

Application: for gym and outdoor sports

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Adjust your waistline and remove extra centimeters